How to Get a Studio Account

1.     Go to

2.     Click on REGISTER YOUR STUDIO link

3.     Fill in ALL of the fields in the form

4.     Submit your Request

5.     Your Request will be reviewed by O2CM Administrators

6.     You will get this Message if you try to log in before your account has been approved

7.     If you enter in the wrong credentials you will get this Message

Adding the Students

1.     Once Logged in you will see the follow

2.     Click on ADD/REMOVE
In this section you can ADD a new Competitor or MOVE a Competitor to a new Account.
In order to MOVE a Competitor to a different Email Account a Competitor needs be SELECTED already.  Reference the Section on how to SELECT a competitor for further details.


3.     TO ADD a Competitor

a.     Fill in the First, Last and Email Address for the student
***It is strongly encouraged that you try to use an email belonging to the student

b.     Click on the ADD Competitor button

c.     The competitor will now appear in the Competitors listed Section

d.     Their information will appear below in the Competitor Info Section

In this section you can also update the info for the selected Competitor.  In this example thus far there is ONLY 1 competitor so by default their information is displayed.


e.     MOVE a Selected Competitor to another Account
This is if the student accounts will be managed by their parents, their partners or a different studio/team.


4.     TO SELECT a Competitor

a.     When there are more than 1 Competitor, locate the competitor you wish to access and click the SELECT button next to their Name.

The above example has Competitor “Van Hoang” with RIN 100004251 SELECTED and Highlighted in YELLOW.  His competitor information would be listed below in the Competitor Info section

b.     When the SELECT button is clicked next to “Joe Smith”, the Highlight will change over to Joe and his Competitor information would be listed below


How to Register for a Competition

1.     Ensure all competitors for your team or studio have been added to the Studio account

2.     Go to
In this example the EVENT is “dgp

3.     Create a NEW Account

4.     Enter in the SAME Email address during the RIN process
The SAME email address will automatically see your RIN accounts in the LEAD and FOLLOW step in the Registration form

5.     Once Logged into the Registration Form go through each Step

6.     Click SHOW More to show all details in Step 1

7.     The LEAD and FOLLOW should automatically already have you and your partner’s name.
If the names are NOT there click the NEW Button

8.     You can will see this

a.     Enter in the LEAD or FOLLOW RIN number and click Verify RIN
Enter in email address associated with the RIN account and click Search by EMAIL

9.     Once you have specified the LEAD and FOLLOW Step 3 will appear and allow you to select the Division, Age and Skill Level

a.     Once you have specified the Division, Age, and Skill and found the event you want enter, high light it and click Add Coupe to Events

10.  Step 4 lets you confirm all of your Entries
If you made a mistake on any entries, you can select the event you do not want in Step 4 and Click Delete

11.  Step 5 lets you select tickets
If you have any questions on the seat choice please contact the organizer for details

12.  Step 6 allows you to Submit Payments, Review Payments and see Account Discounts